an Ergonomic Workout

A great workout is not just about sweat and burning calories. It's only effective if you do it 'right'.

With more than 15 years of working experience as a Physical therapist and Personal trainer in Europe, Asia and the US I help my clients not only to achieve their personal fitness goal but improve and sustain their overall health and quality of life.

Nicole Hansult, personal trainer


I started to workout with Nicole two to three times a week about 1 year ago. I originally hired her for shaping up and weight training. One day, I told her that my neck lost full mobility due to excessive weight training 13 years ago. She started to do body work on my neck as a part of my personal training session, and amazingly I gained my neck mobility back!. I've done physical therapy on my neck in the past but it didn't improve my mobility much and I gave up. I came too the conclusion that I would live with my neck problem for the rest of my life. With Nicole's help, my neck is improving now, and I hope to get full mobility back. Her work is great! On top of that, she is truly a happy person and it's very nice to spend a couple of days a week working out with he.
Kathy M, Del Mar CA

I want to thank you so much for your healing work.Last month I came to you with pain in my lower back and left calf. You instructed me with strengthening exercises with the ball. Your deep massage work in the muscles and re-aligning my spine helped me alleviate the pain. As a result of my weekly visits your work has eliminated my pain. I am very grateful and will continue weekly visits to become even stronger.

Veronica Carroll

Nicole is the 'gold standard for personal training, in that she is back a graduated Physical Therapist and a Certified Personal Trainer, thus her clients have a person who can evaluate, and treat muscular skeletal problems, in addition to guidance on to increase muscle tone, flexibility, balance and improved cardiovascular performance.
I presented with bilateral frozen shoulders, and in less than 3 months treatment with mobilization by Nicole, I have greatly improved mobility. This is a far better alternative than the surgical approach, but it can also be done by a trained rehab therapist.
I like her approach to fitness training in the gym-I am not on any machines, but rather she is very creative in the use of exercises with the ball, bands, the bar, platform etc...-pushing you on to achieve improvements in balance, posture and flexibility.
I regard Nicole as one of the best, and feel fortunate to have her as my trainer.

Rita M., Rancho Santa Fe

'Reffered to Nicole when I joined The Gym in Del Mar three years ago, I had not exercised regularly in quite awhile so I was apprehensive about working out with a trainer.
Nicole addressed my concerns about injury and developed workouts that not only included weights but emphasised exercises that focused on improving my posture.
The one hours sessions are challenging and fun ( be prepared to be sore !). Workouts have been done in the gym or outside if the weather is nice. Nicole is always encouraging you to improve your form.The excercises have increased my energy, upper body strength and flexibility.My friends and family have noticed the positive changes in my body shape. I would recommend Nicole to anyone looking for a trainer at any fitness level.'

Adam Zivot

'I started training with Nicole as I turned 40, I was already living an active life style,regular Yoga, surfing, soccer and the occasional weekly run or bike ride. I can honestly say I wish I'd have known her as a trainer years prior. I had a very clear intention of what I wanted to achieve, something that I just couldn't achieve on my own. I wanted a higher level of Cardio fitness, to be a little faster and have better definition to my upper body. Nicole motivated and supported me to achieving the results I wanted. The attention to correct posture during exercise has been very beneficial to my daily routine, it has helped me achieve better results than I was able to achieve on my own. Training with Nicole is fun, challenging, and never "Gym Dull" the variety of the exercise routines she puts me through is just one of the reasons Ikeep coming back. I continue to use Nicole on a regular basis, and I have no intention of stopping. Thanks Nicole.'

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